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Victorian Calling Cards

The Victorian custom of leaving a 'calling card' when one paid a visit has been experiencing a rebirth on the World Wide Web. People are leaving calling cards in guest books, on bulletin boards, attached to emails, and so on! You are welcome to choose the ones you like best, and add your name, web address, or email address to them with an image editing program, like Paint Shop Pro.

Terms of Use

These are all designs I created from original or public domain clip art. You are free to use them as calling cards online. These are not for printing, but for online guest books, forums, bulletin and message boards, and email.  Don't remove my "signature", alter the design other than to add your personal text,  include them in a collection or offer them as downloads. I hope you enjoy them!

How to put your card in online guest books

Getting Printed Calling Cards

Periodically, I get requests to design calling cards for print, so people can use them as business cards. I do not prepare graphics for print use - which is different technically from Web-ready graphics. I can, however, recommend a company that makes printed Victorian calling cards:


Victorian Trading Co.


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