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Our Four-legged Critters!

Stretch - young male brown Dachshund
Pippin - young male black & tan Dachshund
Stumpy Joe - a miniature wire-haired Dachshund
Pyewacket - a Balinese cat
Mellow Mel - a black & tan Dachshund


dachshunds Stretch and Pippin

Stretch & Pippin
June 2007

Stretch's Story

Stretch is our 5th doxie... and our 4th rescue dog. He wasn't really planned for... The rescue person called us to see if we'd take him.

Stretch was only about 9 months old when we got him, and he had already lived with 3 families. He has some real fear issues that developed into fear-aggression behavior. We got amazing help from Dr. Sung, at All Creatures Behavior Counseling (not what you may think - she is an animal behavior specialist, and was recommended to us by our vet). Stretch is doing much better now, with the courses of action Dr. Sung taught us, and some medication.

He and Pippin play together and are a constant source of amusement.

dachshund Pippin

Soon after joining our family, in February 2005


Pippin's Story

Pippin is our 4th doxie... and our 3rd rescue dog. We got on the waiting list for a dachshund soon after we lost our beloved Stumpy Joe. We just couldn't stand not having a little guy with "happy feet" clicking on the hardwood floors each morning.

This one came with papers, but it is clear his breeding is "puppy mill" quality. That's OK - we weren't looking for a show dog, just someone to love who'd love us back.

He is quite a character, as it seems all of this breed are, and he has stolen our hearts with his comic antics.


Stumpy Joe - wire haired dachshund

Stumpy Joe
Click here to see tiny knitted miniatures of Stumpy & Mel, made by Annelies de Kort.

Stumpy's Story

Stumpy Joe is a 'rescue dog'. That means that he was at an animal shelter and scheduled to be 'put to sleep'. Permanently, if you know what I mean. Our vet thinks he was about 1 1/2 years old at the time. Anyway, he is a purebred wire haired dachshund. We were on a waiting list for a rescue dachshund with The Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue Service.

If you want a purebred dog and live anywhere near a rescue service, I recommend this way of getting one! We were interviewed and our home examined by a dachshund breeder who volunteers for the rescue service. Each dog breed has its own specialist screening applicants and locating dogs needing a home.

At the time (1991) the application fee was only $1 or $2. This is clearly a service provided by volunteer dog breeders who love dogs.

After being approved, the waiting began. One day the breeder called me and said there was a male wire haired dachshund (we would have been happy with any type, gender or color of dachshund) due to be euthanized at 6:00 that evening, at the South King County Animal Shelter. First, I called my husband and told him the news. He said, "Let's call him Stumpy Joe." Then, I made the half hour drive immediately to 'see' the dog. Of course, I knew sight unseen that we would adopt him. There was no way I could walk away from a dachshund with a death sentence on his head!

I have never seen a friendlier, more adorable dog! Of course he was immediately 'mine.' I had to pay the nominal shelter a fee to release him to me, and have our vet make sure that Stumpy would no longer be able to make puppies. All in all, we got a $250 dog for less than $50. Not bad.

Increasingly over the years Stumpy has been one of our greatest joys. This dog's capacity for love and just plain 'cuteness' is without limit! We had a scary episode last fall when Stumpy was suddenly paralyzed - unable to move his back legs or tail. He couldn't stand or walk, or even go to the bathroom.

He had a ruptured disk in his spine. We found out that this is a common problem with dachshunds. Years ago, he would have had to at the very least spend his remaining years on a platform with wheels, or at worst, be put down (killed). But we live in a city where there is a wonderful animal surgical clinic, and Dr. Patterson was able to perform surgery on Stumpy the very next day.

Over many many weeks, Stumpy slowly recovered. I remember the day when he could finally lift one leg and stand on three to pee! He was wobbly, but he did it!

Dachshund Allure

The Dachshund is a rugged individualist, with a personality to spare. A fastidious household companion with an innate desire to please, complimented by a lively intelligence plus a remarkably retentive memory, he is able to adapt to almost any everyday situation. The Dachshund despises dirt and slumminess. Like a cat, he will frequently clean himself with his tongue. Doggy odor is nonexistent, and any dead hair appears to be awaiting brush and comb rather than dispensing into airborne nuisance or clinging to sofas and cushions.

Long enough to be petted by the whole family, the Dachshund displays Job-like patience with small fry. With their passion for food, they take a dim view of people who never drop crumbs. They are con artists when it comes to begging and they manage to convince you they are constantly starving. --At least they don't drool.
(from Dachshunds by Edita Van Der Lyn)


Sweet Pyewacket


Pyewacket's Story

First I should explain Pyewacket's name. 'Pyewacket' was the name of the witch's cat in the book 'Bell, Book and Candle'. This book was made into a movie of the same title in the 60's starring Jimmy Stewart as the innocent boyfriend, Kim Novak as the modern day witch, Jack Lemmon as her beatnik brother and Elsa Lancaster as her witchy sidekick. It is a pretty silly movie. Anyway, my family had a Pyewacket when I was growing up, so the name is sort of a tradition for me.

We bought 8-week old Pyewacket from a dachshund breeder a ferry ride away from Seattle. She had started a sideline of breeding Balinese cats. We bought her at the same time as our very first dachshund (named Umlaut, but that's another story!)

That was in March, 1982. Today (April 2005), Pyewacket is a 24 year old! She is affectionate. Not at all the typical 'aloof' cat. One of her more annoying habits is rubbing her slimy gums against any available jaw or chin. She actually drools. Her ears are not furry - they are leathery. And sometimes they get moist and the tips fold back and get stuck. Sometimes when she licks herself she stops and looks up at us, leaving the tip of her tongue sticking out.

Cats are known for their gracefulness. Not Pyewacket. She lies on her back in what I call her otter pose with her belly exposed and her legs up in the air. Once, she was sleeping on a sun-warmed rock at the edge of a little backyard pond. Suddenly she slipped and fell in. That cat moved so fast I swear to you she ran on air! She didn't even get wet!!

In recent years she has gotten cranky (due, we suspect, to old age soreness and stiffness) and increasingly more vocal and demanding. What can I say? She's a cat and therefore believes we live to serve her. Don't we?


Mellow Mel


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