This is Mellow Mel

Gentleman Mel

Mel was my Dad's dog, until Dad died in 1989. He was my inheritance. My Dad
bred dachshunds. He took this photo in 1988 and  wrote on the back:
"Mellow Mel, also known as The Perfect Dog. Look how he politely waits till the
Ladies eat."


"Then he moves in and dines -- ALWAYS seated! Ever see a dog eat seated?
He's very cool."


Mel in the sun
Some years later, now our dog, Mel basks in the sun in the front yard.


Mel by Jim
And some years after that... as always, looking dignified.


Mel's shadow
Mel died September 24, 1998

We miss him very much.

But we know we will see him again in heaven, where he is young and healthy
again, romping with his tail high. Meanwhile, I believe the angels are rubbing
his ears just the way he likes and he is groaning in pleasure just like he always did.

And I'm sure he always sits when he eats.

Thanks, Mel, for being such a special part of our lives and family.

the critters

The Critter Pile
Mel with Stumpy Joe and Pyewacket

Graphics by Anne Gerdes



The Jessie Award
Mel's page has been honored with this award from another special dachshund. Perhaps the two have made friends and keep each other company while they await our coming. I like to think so. Click on the award to meet Jessie.

Pug Wug Memorial Award


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