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Web Design Services for Artists, Authors, and Small Businesses

Hi! I am Anne Gerdes, a Web designer in Seattle, Washington. I offer professional Web design and Internet marketing at a reasonable price.

I specialize in one-of-a-kind design with custom graphics and site layout for smaller and creative businesses and individuals; plus Zen Cart design for ecommerce sites that give you, the site owner, content management control.* Each web site is uniquely designed to present the image and ambiance that you want for your business, which will hold a potential customer's interest and bring them back -- again and again.

My sites are search engine optimized to help ensure their success. I design for multiple Internet browser and mobile compatibility, to minimize risk of your site's visitors having problems viewing and interacting with your site.

*I will not design for adult or gambling sites.

My Philosophy

I believe that the most important elements of a great web site design are comprehensive information; a clean, easy-to-use format; and efficient loading time. Seattle based Anne Gerdes Web Design can incorporate all of these elements into a visually pleasing package.

While web sites that use "cutting edge" technology are exciting to view and design, consideration must be given to the site's customers and what their web browsers and computer systems will support.

If, for example, I design a site that is wonderful when viewed by some, but fails to function properly for others (and let's say they comprise over 40% of your industry's potential customers), I am not serving you or your business well.

I strive to balance "bells and whistles" with good programming and content. I want your site to not only look fantastic, but be easy to find and easy to use.

Why Hire a Professional?

I have designed hundreds of business and commercial web sites since 1996. I have expertise in making sites that

  • fulfill your business goals
  • are appealing and attractive
  • are optimized for SEO (search engine visibility)
  • are designed to load quickly
  • are easy to use and navigate
  • provide security and encryption for transmittal of sensitive information

Let Anne Gerdes Web Design help you offer your services and products to the international marketplace.

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