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My background is in fine art and graphic art design. I sort of stumbled into web design back in 1995 when I made a portfolio site for myself about my artwork in FrontPage. Remember FrontPage? Then friends saw what I had done and asked me to make a site for them, and it sort of snowballed from there!

My hobbies include collecting and creating dollhouse miniatures and miniature dolls. I have a great fondness for dachshunds, which I think are among the silliest of all breeds. We have had them as pets since 1982, and yes: I do collect them in miniature as well.

Below are links to webpages I created a long time ago (we'll call this Retro Design!), to show some of my dolls and miniatures, as well as some graphic tutorials and freebies.

  Art & Graphics  
Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro 5 & 6
Beautiful Calling Cards
WallArt Murals & Decorative Painting
  Paint Shop Pro Tubes  
Vintage Lady & Floral Tubes
Victorian Puppy Tubes
Vintage Valentine Tubes
Vintage Santa Claus Tubes
Angel Tubes
Fairy Tubes
Dragon Tubes
Jewel & Gem Tubes
Kitten Tubes
Tube Management
  Paint Shop Pro 5 & 6 Tutorials  
Creating a Transparent Gif
Cutout Text Effect
Make Text Follow a Curve
Irridescent Pearl Effect
How to Make a Sleeping Baby Fairy Doll
Fairy Art Gallery - Arthur Rackham, Roy Best
Hollow Log Fairy House
Mossy Manor Fairy House
Northwest Naturals Fantasy Miniatures
Fairy Calling Cards
Fantasy Calling Cards
Fairy & Dragon Tubes
Angel Tubes
Angel Calling Cards
  Dollhouse Miniatures & Dolls  
Northwest Naturals Rustic Fantasy Miniatures
My Dollhouses
Building a Dollhouse
My Doll Collection
Dollhouse Miniature & Doll Links
Make a Sleeping Baby Fairy Doll
Make a Dollhouse Christmas Tree
Tips for Making Twig Dollhouse Furniture
The Gerdes Family
Mellow Mel - The Perfect Dachshund
Making a Gingerbread House
Christmas 2004 New York in Gingerbread
Zoe - My Niece's First Year
Web Rings - Tubes, Dolls, Miniatures
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