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WallArt was the decorative painting business of Anne Gerdes in Seattle, Washington.
I am no longer offering these services, but have the site here for inspiration for others.


I painted interiors and furniture for fifteen years in styles ranging from classical to whimsical. I have moved on to other creative outlets (primarily web design), and am no longer painting as a business. Hopefully my gallery and frequently asked questions will help you try your own hand at decorative painting.


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Noah's Ark
Little Noah had to have a Noah's Ark theme in his room! I depicted the happy time "after the flood"
London's "Sloan Square" is immortalized on these three-paneled screens
Problem: A covered patio left blank fencing for the guestroom outlook. Solution: Paint flowerpots!
garden chairs
Colorfully painted garden chairs
cow and moon
A movable "mural" of the cow jumping over the moon
An Italian style fireplace
A gentle African jungle in this lucky boy's room
sunflower border
A sunflower stenciled border on denim-like ragged glaze
Old fashioned milk paint adds character to this tall cabinet
A revitalized old wooden high chair
Grapevines picked up from the window treatment wrap around this breakfast nook
float plane
Planes & Trains in a small boy's room
The owner didn't want to replace the tile, so we tied in with little stenciled squares in the same color as the intermittent brown tiles below.
boots on shelf
A trompe l'oeil Southwestern style shelf on a ragged and glazed wall
Trompe l'oeil sports equipment and a stencil border in this fan's room
A stippled cradle with sponge-stamped stars and spirals

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