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My clients have included: a city, a fire department, law firms, medical clinics, dentists and doctors, psychologists, schools, ministries, real estate agents, authors, artists, landscape designers, caterers, and a variety of small businesses.

"paid for itself in 3 months"

You are helping us miniaturists. My webpage paid for itself in 3 months. I've gotten lots of good feedback on it too, and I just love it!
Barb Meyer, Mini-Gems

"new version is easier to use"

Just want to say thanks for all your help on developing my web site. The new version is easier to use and looks so much better. I bit the bullet and bought the iphone X. Between it's great picture making abilities and the new Zen Cart, I now have a web site that is easy to view. You are a miracle worker!
ReneƩ Derra, Miniature Cottage

"very easy to follow"

I do have to tell you I did a whole bunch of my last updates completely by myself. Your Zen Cart instructions are very easy to follow...and I finally get it!!!! Thanks for all of your help!
Debbie Young, Young At Heart

"You made the entire process a breeze"

Thank you for the tutorial yesterday.  You are a fabulous teacher.  I can't wait to show everyone your great work. So custom and so unique! You made the entire process a breeze.

You certainly changed the life of my business. I used to get an order every 3 to 4 months. The website was more for contact info than for ordering. Now, we are reaching customers all over the US and the world.
Quynh-Nhu Pham Nizza, Itsy Bitsy Mini

"highly recommend"

I have had Anne design two sites for me and have been beyond happy with them! Any problems you have and Anne is right there for you. I am certainly not very tech savvy (to say the least) but have been able to update and run the sites with the instructions Anne provides. Highly recommend Anne. It helps so much that she is very familiar with the needs of a miniature business.
Jill Castoral, Jill Castoral

"You are the best"

I am thrilled with the redesign of the website. Thank you so very much - it was everything I could have hoped for & the speed with which you did it was fantastic. You are the best,
Karen Benson, The Quarter Source

"freaking awesome"

Joel just took a look at the site, and said, quote, "I'm sorry, but this site is freaking awesome."
Amy Whitaker, Whitaker Painting

"Anne Gerdes, who took over and saved us"

AJ and I thank our wonderful web designer, Anne Gerdes, who took over and saved us, for the beautiful site she has created for us. I am beside myself with joy!!!
Nancy Quinby, Nantasy Fantasy

"You are fast, accurate and know your stuff"

Thanks Anne so much. It is always a pleasure working with you. You are fast, accurate and know your stuff.
Michelle Faleshock, Michelle's Miniatures

"so easy to use and so sophisticated"

I love the new site. The software, Zen Cart, is so easy to use and so sophisticated. Anne's typed instructions were excellent and easy to follow and I was able to load all with no problems. I was using an old version of Shop Factory. I feel like I just got a make over.
Donna, Raggedy D's Miniatures

Search Engine Optimization Skills

My practice is blossoming thanks to you.  My website is top on the Google list if you search "Seattle lyme disease doctor", and I'm getting about 3-4 new patients a day.  Unbelievable.  My website is my biggest referral.  Patients continually tell me how helpful it is.  When I was writing the info I didn't really know how it would work out, but it's working out great.  Can't thank you enough.  Couldn't have done it without your counsel.  Hope your other clients find the same success.
Dr. Susan Marra

Anne's eCommerce Site Management Instructions

I have just posted some photos to the website following the instructions in your brilliant guide. Yes, brilliant.... you don't know how many questions I haven't had to ask you because it's all right there!!
Barbara Studebaker, Studebaker Miniatures

"truly top notch!"

Thanks Anne- you're truly top notch!
Paul Hamstra, Evergreen Pacific Publishing

"a dyed in the wool Anne Fan"

I can't say enough good things about working with Anne on my website. To say that the process was painless is understating it. You have to understand that I am a techno-idiot, so any confusion was the result of my own obtuseness, but even then, Anne cleared it up very quickly.

I very much like working with Zen Cart, especially after talking with friends who don't use it and must go to their website creator every time they want to add a product, make a change, etc. I can't say that I am a pro yet, but I know what I need to know, I learn more as I use it, and Anne has always been available to answer questions. She gives Zen Cart instructions when the site is ready to go live, and she updates the instructions as needed.

In short, I guess you could call me a dyed in the wool Anne Fan. I can virtually guarantee that you won't regret working with her.
Rosemary Macedonio, The Miniature Cellar

"you make me feel as if I'm the only customer you have"

Thank you for all you do, and especially for your promptness in responding to requests. You make me feel as if I'm the only customer you have (which I know is far from accurate!). :-)
Betsy Foster

"exactly what I wanted"

Thank You Anne - For doing such a Wonderful Job! My site's exactly what I wanted.
Natalie, Paint By Threads

"you did good"

Sent the newsletter to our old subscribers about 8:45 AM yesterday.  About 9:15, our phone rang and a very good customer called to tell us about her experience with the NEW SITE.  Loved it and thought it was quite Elegant.  We have had two other good emails about the site. So, there, you did good.  With our thanks and good wishes,
Andy and Suzanne, Suzanne & Andrew's Miniatures

"This site needs Anne Gerdes"

We all have benefited from Anne Gerdes having "snowballed" into designing web sites for miniaturists. Almost always I can recognize a site designed by Anne, and I can always recognize one she has NOT designed. Sites designed by her are always so attractive, neatly organized, and can be navigated with ease and logic. There have been many times when attempting to get around on a web site that I have muttered to myself, "This site needs Anne Gerdes".
Mel in Calif and Ma.

"It's a true reflection of my personality and style."

I hope you know how pleased I am with the outcome of all your hard work. I love the site and feel it's a true reflection of my personality and style. You managed to capture it all, and I'm very grateful for your talent, your advice and above all, your patience! And I'll say it again: If my website were any cuter, it would sprout dimples!
Bev Gallerani

"Every accolade that I have read about you is truly deserved."

I want to thank you again for your guidance, patience and for the creation of a beautiful web site. Every accolade that I have read about you is truly deserved.
Lyn Trenary, Woodland Whispers